Please meet this week’s Hopscotch top creator — SilverSong. Current Hopscotch forum curator, awesome digital artist, and one of the kindest Hopscotch community advocates, they help with creating official projects-challenges and judge Hopscotch coding competitions. Here are some of their projects:

Happy Christmas and New Year!

If you didn’t get to wrap (or unwrap!) many presents, throw snowballs, or decorate a Christmas tree — it’s not too late! You can do it here at Hopscotch. Have a very merry time with these wonderful nominations for the Hopscotch Christmas Competition 2020!

The Finalists

#HCC20 by ObedientNarwhal

Here’s a cute Snowmen-orah to celebrate Hanukkah!

QUEST 2 a platformer winter mode #HCC20 by Rapterdragon_83🐉

Accio creativity!

With Hopscotch, you can bring your favorite stories to life with code. From fantastical creatures to entirely new worlds, anything from your imagination can be made a reality in Hopscotch.

Take magic, for example. Are you a fan of Harry Potter? So are we! By popular request, our latest challenge was all about bringing the magic of Harry Potter to life in Hopscotch. Check out the finalists below!

The Finalists

The final battle #HarryPotter2 by DuganAn

Embrace the final battle of The Boy Who Lived and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

#Potter2 by RavenclawBeagleGinny

Our mission at Hopscotch is to expose every kid to the powerful ideas of computing through a programming tool that lets them make real software.

A key part of making real software is learning how to turn your hard work into a business. In order to bring their ideas to life, app and game developers have to figure out how to monetize their creations so they can keep making great products for their users.

Hopscotch goes beyond just teaching kids the mechanics of coding. We want emerging creators to learn all the skills needed to create amazing games and apps.

Have you ever heard of Inktober? It’s a drawing challenge started by illustrator Jake Parker, who wanted to improve his inking skills. This challenge aims to draw an image on the given theme every day of October.

Inspired by the Inktober, Hopscotch users decided to follow this movement and make one digital drawing or a coded project using our app a day during the month. It was a big commitment, and although not all the participants have finished all the projects, the Hopscotchers have created a wonderful selection of brilliant digital art.

The most outstanding and complete works were done…

Did Halloween 2020 feel a little different this year? Maybe you weren’t able to go trick-or-treating, or your school didn’t have its annual party.

Well, not to fear…the Hopscotch Halloween competition winners are here! Try playing some of these absolutely fa-boo-lous games and you’ll be feeling that spooky spirit in no time.

Watch Hopscotch Halloween Compilation

Meet the finalists:

Pumpkin carving!! by CoolgirlLOL8

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! To celebrate, we ran a competition called Moon Festival where users had to create a project with a Moon symbol in it. The selection of projects is super wide: from pixel art to 3D simulations, from fact sharing to build your own projects, and from animations to full action games. Let’s check them one by one. You can also check the speedrun on our YouTube.

The Finalists

“MoonF” pixel art by CherryRed

Check out this beautiful and serene moon pixel art!

“Journey to the Moon” by Gaming Productions

Have you been using ScratchJr and are now looking to take your coding to the next level? Then Hopscotch will be a great fit for you!

Hopscotch is a free programming app for iPad and iPhone. Using only your finger, you can drag and drop easy-to-read code blocks to write programs. In Hopscotch, you’re only limited by your imagination in what you can create! Kids around the world have made over 35 million projects in Hopscotch, including interactive stories, art, games, puzzles, and more.

To use Hopscotch, download the app, and follow the in-app instructions to create an account. (Educators…

Please meet this week’s Hopscotch top creator — Fearless Phoenix. Current Hopscotch forum curator and famous pixel art creator FearlessPhoenix is taking their motto to be “Ab Aeterno Ad Infinitum”, which is Latin for “From Eternity to Infinity”. They help with the Hopscotch's official competitions and have been featured on the app 30 times. Here are some of their projects:

A month ago, we introduced Hopscotch Plants, gifts that kids can buy and give to others in appreciation of a project. Following this introduction, we hosted #Plants2020, a challenge in which kids had to create any project relating to plants. They had endless possibilities which included creating a plant-themed game, writing a story about a plant, or even creating a new type of plant!

Here are the finalists of the competition, in alphabetical order:

DarthPumpkin, with their project “Plants2020 🌱”

In this game, you grow a random seed into a plant. First, you’re given a seed and have to plant…


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